Crime Scene Investigations Course (80 Hours)

Dates: 24 July – 04 August 2023
Location: Logan County Sheriff's Office
216 S. Broad St.
Guthrie, OK 73044
Offered By: Everett Baxter Jr Forensics, LLC
Instructors: Everett Baxter Jr.
Contact: Everett Baxter Jr.
More Info:

The Crime Scene Investigation Course is for Crime Scene Investigators, Evidence Technicians, Detectives, Investigators, Uniformed Officers and anyone who has the responsibility of processing a crime scene. The student will learn the necessary skills to identify, document, collect and process various types of evidence that may be encountered at a crime scene.
This course will be both challenging and demanding. Almost all blocks of instruction will be followed by an exercise or exercises to reinforce the lecture materials, with a majority of the exercises including photography as part of the exercise. Some of the exercises will be as simple as writing a description from a photograph to as complex as actually utilizing various fingerprinting and sketching techniques.
The students will learn the various techniques to document evidence, which includes note taking, photography and sketching. The students will then progress into various methods used to locate evidence. The students will learn the various types of physical evidence and the appropriate methods used to document the particular evidence.