Advanced Crime Scene Documentation (Bloodstain Pattern and Shooting Incident Documentation)

Dates: 12-16 October 2020
Location: Mesa Police Department
City of Mesa Training Campus
200 S. Center
Mesa, AZ 85210
Offered By: Graff Investigative & Forensic Training
Instructors: Iris Dalley Graff & Gary Graff
Contact: Phil Sanfilippo, Tritech Training
More Info:

In responding to scenes where blood has been shed, it is essential to ensure that bloodstain evidence is preserved and documented in context with other evidence in the scene. This course covers how to correctly recognize, document and collect bloodstains and bloodstain patterns for later analysis by a BPA analyst. Also covered is proper interpretation of physical evidence surrounding shooting incidents and documentation of the shooting scene through note taking, diagramming and photography for later event reconstruction. Use of rods, lasers and protractors to obtain trajectories is explained. All concepts are reinforced through hands-on practical exercises. See Web for course details and registration. Course sponsored by Tritech Training, the exclusive training partner of the International Association for Identification (IAI).