Advanced Examination and Comparison of Footwear Evidence Training

Dates: 23-27 September 2019
Location: Lakewood PD
445 S Allison Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Offered By: Forensic ITC Services
Instructors: Dwane Hilderbrand
Contact: Sheri Shimamoto
More Info:

The course is specifically designed for those forensic examiners wanting to improve and advance their skills and ability in the examination and comparison of footwear evidence. The majority of the training course will be the working and handling comprehensive supervised casework. Students will be required to work, prepare case notes and final conclusions on some difficult footwear cases. The class will also incorporate “How to use Adobe Photoshop” in footwear casework. Mr. Hilderbrand focuses the learning techniques and concepts with a “can do attitude”. His teaching abilities help the advanced examiners to continue building a strong structure from their abilities in order to perform the more difficult examination and comparison process of this critical type of evidence. The material is presented in a clear, understandable manner using lectures, open dialog, a little bit of humor and lots of “Hands On” exercises that are all designed to instill confidence for that first footwear case. This course will provide the examiner with a solid understanding of the proper methods and techniques for performing the examination and comparison of different types of footwear evidence found at crime scenes.