Crime Scene Reconstruction II

Dates: 03-07 October 2022
Location: Lakewood Police Department
445 S. Allison Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Offered By: Bevel, Gardner & Associates
Instructors: Ross M. Gardner & Cele Rossi
Contact: Craig Gravel
More Info:

Prerequisite: Approved CSR Basic Course

Purpose: A course of instruction designed for investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic technicians, and others practicing crime scene analysis. The course will enhance basic skills and develop advanced skills used to analyze complex crime scenes. Additionally the student will be given an opportunity to practice their analysis skills and see how to properly present their findings at court.

Upon completion of the course the student should:

• Demonstrate proper use of the Event Analysis technique to define objective information about a criminal incident.
• Understand functional methods and techniques of creating demonstrative evidence to illustrate their analysis.
• Understand and demonstrate how to properly withstand Daubert type hearings on crime scene analysis.
• Understand and demonstrate an ability to articulate their analysis to a jury.