Forensic Digital Photography: UV / IR Applications

Dates: 19-21 August 2019
Location: Galveston County Sheriff's Office
601 – 54th Street
Galveston TX
Offered By: TxFACT
Instructors: N. L. Webb & Jeff Rackliff
Contact: Rudy Flores
More Info:

This is a hands-on course designed to introduce and instruct students in the forensic application of Ultra-Violet and Infrared Photography. This class features the Fuji XT1IR digital camera. The camera and required accessories are provided for use in the class. The program utilizes extensive practical exercises with the camera to build a student skill set in photographing Latent Fingerprints, Gunshot Residue, Bloodstains, Bodily Fluids, Forged Documents, Bruises and Bite Mark Evidence.

PREREQUIRES: The student must have completed a basic digital photography class and understand the operation of a digital camera in manual and priority mode.