Shooting Incident Reconstruction II

Dates: 16-20 December 2019
Location: Lexington Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina
Offered By: Bevel, Gardner & Associates
Instructors: Jonathyn Priest
Contact: Craig Gravel
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BGA 304-001 Administration, Introduction, Pre-test
BGA 304-002 Shooting Incident, Trajectory Analysis, and Reconstruction Review
BGA 304-003 Cartridge Case Ejection Pattern Documentation
BGA 304-003A Ejection Pattern Documentation Laboratory and Exercise
BGA 304-004 Long Distance Shooting Analysis and Computation
BGA 304-005 Muzzle to Target Distance Determination
BGA 304-006 Muzzle Distance Determination Laboratory and Exercise
BGA 304-007 Bullet Performance Laboratory
BGA 304-008 Multiple Surface and Angle Trajectory Analysis
BGA 304-009 Multiple Surface and Angle Trajectory Analysis Exercise
BGA 304-010 Multiple Trajectory Documentation of Motor Vehicles
BGA 304-010A Documentation of Motor Vehicles Exercise
BGA 304-011 Laser Scan Scene Documentation
BGA 304-011A Laser Scan Scene Documentation Demonstration
BGA 304-012 Utilizing Computer Diagraming for Documentation of Shooting Incident Scenes
BGA 304-013 Review of The Scientific Method
BGA 304-013A Using the Scientific Method for Experimental Design
BGA 304-014 Experimental Design Laboratory
BGA 304-015 Shooting Incident Reconstruction Practical Exercise
BGA 304-016 Shooting Incident Reconstruction Oral Defense
BGA 304-017 Written Examination